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Discovering Saigon's Best Restaurants & Street Food

Saigon is fast building a reputation internationally for delicious cuisine as it seeks to emerge from the shadow cast by Bangkok and Singapore in Southeast Asia.

Saigon Street Food

Though it may not be the region’s premier destination city, it’s got plenty to offer. Here are a few restaurants and street food locations that you should definitely consider for the next time you find yourself in Saigon.

Quan An Angon

Located in a renovated Vietnamese mansion, Quan An Ngon’s beautiful setting and traditional Vietnamese menu make it a favourite amongst locals and visitors.
Opt for unique traditional dishes such as Oc Len Xao Due (mud snails in coconut milk) and the ever popular Goi Cuon, and be sure to expect great service and delicious food across the entire menu.

Quan Bui

Quan Bui can feel like a local’s best kept secret. The place is packed full of locals every night, and for good reason – its location at the heart of District 1 makes it a must-visit for anyone spending time in Saigon
The philosophy of the owners is simple – great food made for locals, by locals – which in turn attracts a fair few tourists too. The restaurant’s décor also feels like an extension of modern Saigon, with traditional Viet architecture blended with contemporary influences
Put simply, Quan Bui delivers the best of both worlds – lip-smacking Viet cuisine with a modern twist.

Quan 104 on Van Kiep Street

Quan 104 on Van Kiep St doesn’t have the most extensive menu, but the execution more than makes up for the lack of variety. Grilled octopus is the order of the day, and the distinctive spicy marinated aroma can draw you in from a distance.
Having developed something of a reputation as a hangout for Saigon’s hip crowd Quan 104 is the place to go to be seen and check out a bunch of terrific street food options. Keep an eye out on the rest of Van Kiep Street for more hidden gems.

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