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Discover Charoenkrung Road

A True Foodie Destination

Charoenkrung is one of Bangkok’s oldest tourist attractions, but recent additions to the neighbourhood have started to attract a whole new segment of people who are interested in exploring new takes on traditional Thai and fusion cuisine. Some of the hottest restaurants in Bangkok are in Charoenkrung, and this trend is set to continue – the road is fast becoming known as a true foodie destination in Thailand and beyond. So if you want to see what all the fuss is about, here’s a short guide on where to eat in Charoenkrung to truly appreciate what it has to offer.

charoenkrung road restaurant with pool view, bangkok

1. The Baxter Brenton

Whilst the name may be confusing, The Baxter Brenton is one of the more intriguing places in Charoenkrung. It’s a Chinese-themed restaurant that specialises in healthy Asian fusion dishes, artfully combining Thai, Chinese and other cuisine to create new and healthier meals. 
While the restaurant is owned by the Baxter Brenton Corporation, it in no way similar to a chain restaurant. Instead, you’ll find a very tasteful Chinese-style interior and food that hits just the right sweet spot of Thai/Chinese food taste with a unique twist.

2. 80/20

Having started out as a humble hostel eatery, 80/20 is now one of the hottest dining locations on Charoenkrung Road thanks to its intriguing take on Thai cuisine. 
The play on the famous 80/20 rule is used not only in the name – the restaurant uses at least eighty percent of locally sourced ingredients in all of its dishes, which turn into magic in the hands of the artful chef Napol Jantraget, who is already becoming a star in the Bangkok restaurant scene. 
Spectacular food, combined with a cosy atmosphere and delicious homemade cocktails make 80/20 a restaurant that many have called the finest dining experience in Bangkok.

3. Le Normandie

No foodie’s restaurant guide can be complete without a touch of French cuisine, even when in Bangkok. And there’s no better place to experience French cuisine on Charoenkrung than at Le Normandie.
Guided by the vision of master chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier, the restaurant produces  classics like Foie Gras or Milk Fed Veal that would leave any food connoisseur awe-struck. 
At Le Normandie, you can expect a truly high-end restaurant experience. That means top quality service, a four-course meal and an enticing atmosphere. And while it may not be a traditional Thai restaurant, the sheer craftsmanship of the food and the experience make it a worthwhile visit when looking for where to eat in Bangkok.

4. Supanniga Eating Room’s Cruise

Supanniga Eating Room is quickly changing the way people look at Bangkok’s dinner cruise scene – it takes a top-quality dining experience to the canals, combining some of Bangkok’s most well-known sites with delicious food.  
If you take the 18:15 cruise leaving from the River City Pier, you will enjoy a six-course meal that is made up of some of the Supanniga Eating Room’s most famous dishes. The restaurant has forged a reputation for itself as one of the best Thai places in the city, and the dinner cruise manages to maintainn this quality on the open water. There’s also the option of a one hour cocktail cruse.

5. Street Food

Finally, no food guide is complete without mentioning Bangkok’s street food. Charoenkrung offers some of the more historic and unique street food options in Bangkok, and you should definitely take the time to enjoy them if you want to completely satisfy your palate. 
Prachak has been in business for 106 years by 4 generations of the same family. The recipes are the same as on the day it opened, and the prices are just as reasonable as they have remained for over a century. 
If you’re craving something sweet, you can’t miss out on a visit to Sor Boonprakob Panich, which has been serving authentic Thai sweets for more than eighty years. We recommend the thong yord or kanom kai nokkrasa.

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