Practical information

Before leaving


For stays of less than 30 days, a visa is not required.
For stays of over 30 days, a visa is necessary.
Passports must be valid for at least 6 months at the date of entry into Indonesia.
Check with your country’s consular services to be sure whether a visa is necessary.


To enter the country, you will need to make sure you have had the following vaccinations and that thy are up to date: diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis (DTP) and Hepatitis A and B.
Vaccinations against typhoid and Japanese encephalitis are also advised, depending on the type and duration of stay, especially if you are planning to be in rural areas.

It is advisable to get travel insurance which covers medical costs and emergency repatriation.
Travellers are advised to drink bottled water rather than tap water.
Avoid eating fish, raw meat and poultry.
Avoid contact with poultry and birds, and with stray animals.


230 volts
Plug type C /F
Frequency: 50 Hz
Take a European style adapter

Today 11:41, Indonésie


The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia.
1 EUR = 14 150 IDR*
1 USD = 13 330 IDR*
*Exchange rate given as an indication only

Where can you change your money?
You can change your money in banks, bureaux de change and airports.
You are advised to avoid airport bureaux de change and small independent money changers as the exchange rate is likely to be less favourable. We recommend you use larger, well known bureaux de change (such as BMC).
US dollars are easy to change. Euros can be changed in tourist destinations only, (Bali, Java, Lombok).
Precautions to take: do not accept damaged bills; they will not be accepted as payment locally.

Leaving a tip is customary in Indonesia, whether in a restaurant, for a hire car or to a tour guide. You should plan to leave a tip about 10% of a restaurant bill: around 5000 IDR or 0.35€.



If you prefer to travel by train, note that only the islands of Java and Sumatra have railways. The railway on Java provides services between the major towns.
Buses are a good way of visiting a whole island or getting from one town to another. Perama is one of the major companies that offer tours of Java or Bali. You can buy tickets at bus stations. Note that buses leave when they are full, which can take some time.
The cheapest way of getting around is by minibus: this is the most popular method of transport in Indonesia. Minibuses operate in towns; the destination is displayed on the windscreen. Raise your arm to signal for the driver to stop so you can get on.
You can take the boat to get from one island to another. Cheaper but slower than travelling by bus, there are more options when travelling by boat but it will depend if you are in a hurry or not. From Bali to Lombok, a standard ferry will take 5h, while a speed boat will make the crossing in around 1h30.
For those who wish to experience a traditional method of transport, try travelling by becak for short distances. These are colourful cycle rickshaws in which the passengers sit in front of the driver: ideal for admiring the Indonesian landscapes in complete tranquillity. Be sure to negotiate the price before getting in.

Key numbersKEY NUMBERS

Ambulance: 118
Police Jakarta: 62 21 523 43 33 or 110
Police in Bali: 110
Emergencies in Bali: 911
Fire brigade: 113


Indonesian is the official language, but English is widely spoken.

A few phrases to remember :

Yes: Ya
No: Tidak
Good morning: selamat pagi
Good morning/afternoon (from 11am to 2pm): selamat siang
Good afternoon (from 2pm to 5pm): selamat sore
Good evening: selamat malam
Good night: selamat tidur
Left: kiri
Right: kanan
My name is: nama saya...
Welcome: selamat datang
Goodbye: selamat jalan (for someone staying behind) - selamat tinggal (for someone leaving)
See you soon: sampaï jumpa
Thank you very much: terimah kasih banyak
What time is it?: jam/pukul berapa sekarang ?
Where are the toilets: Dimana kamar mandi ?
Please: silakan
Sorry: permisi
Excuse me: maaf I don’t understand: saya tidak mengerti

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As of 12 November 2014, this visa facilitation covers the following countries

Afghanistan ; Albania ; Argentina ; Bahrain ; Bangladesh ; Benin ; Botswana ; Brazil ; Brunei ; Burkina Faso ; Burma (Myanmar) ; Chad ; Cambodia ; China ; Colombia ; Comoros ; Congo ; Cuba ; Djibouti ; Dominican Republic ; Ecuador ; Egypt ; Equatorial Guinea ; El Salvador ; Ethiopia ; Fiji ; Gabon ; Guinea ; Haiti ; Hong Kong ; Iran ; Iraq ; India ; Ivory Coast ; Jamaica ; Kuwait ; Laos ; Lebanon ; Libya ; Macedonia ; Madagascar ; Malaysia ; Mali ; Mauritania ; Mauritius ; Mexico ; Mongolia ; Morocco ; Nepal ; New Zealand ; Niger ; Oman ; Pakistan ; Panama ; Papua New Guinea ; Paraguay ; Peru ; Qatar ; Saint Lucia ; Salvador ; Senegal ; Serbia ; Seychelles ; Singapore ; South Africa ; South Korea ; Sudan ; Surinam ; Taiwan ; Tanzania ; Thailand ; Togo ; Tunisia ; Turkmenistan ; Uganda ; Uruguay ; Vanuatu ; Venezuela ; Yemen ; Zimbabwe