Before leaving


You must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after your planned date of return. Tourist visas may be required depending on your nationality.
If you come from France, Belgium or Switzerland, a visa is not necessary if your stay does not exceed three months.
French-Brazilians must have their Brazilian passport to enter and leave the territory.
Outside the EU: Check with the consulate or embassy of your country to see whether a visa is required.


Vaccination against yellow fever is required for travellers from the following countries: French Guiana, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
Nevertheless, it’s worth updating your vaccinations for: Diphtheria-Tetanus-Polio (DTP) and hepatitis A.

If possible, take out insurance covering medical expenses and emergency repatriation.
And don’t forget to bring mosquito spray for areas at risk of malaria, chikungunya and Zika.


127 / 220 volts
N-type plug (can be used with European-type plug (C))
Frequency: 50Hz
An adapter is recommended

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The Brazilian currency is the real.
1 USD = 3.22 BRL*
* Exchange rate provided as a guideline only

Where can you change your money?
You can change your money in international banks and airports.
It is advisable to change money in dedicated bureaux and agencies for better rates. Some bureaux may deliver to your home for security reasons.
Most banks offer an exchange service, but you have to be a customer, except for some where exchange is available (Bradesco, Banco do Brasil).

While they are not mandatory, gratuities are still appreciated in Brazil. Leave a little something up to 10% of the total in restaurants for example, if you’re satisfied with the service. It's the same for taxis (round up the bill) and hotels.



The railway network is quite poor.
A few trains and metros operate in São Paulo, along with two or three commuter lines in some major cities.
On buses, you do not pay for a ticket but give the money directly to the conductor, or cobrador. There is usually no line list or routemap displayed (except in some of the more developed cities including Rio).
The São Paulo metro covers 70 km. There’s also one in Brasilia and Recife.
The taxi is the best solution in terms of its comfort and the quality/price ratio.
Buses are the best choice if you want to travel from one city to another and generally leave from the local bus station.

Key numbersKEY NUMBERS

Emergency number from Rio de Janeiro: 9-8121-2628
Ambulance: 192
Police: 190
Fire service: 193


The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

A few phrases to remember :

Hello: Bom dia
Goodbye: Tchau
Yes: Sim
No: Não
Thank you: Obrigado (men) / Obrigada (women)
Please: Por favor
Pardon; excuse me; sorry: Com licença, Desculpe
How much is this?: Quanto custa ?
I don't understand: Eu não entendo
Where is…?: Onde fica... ?
Do you speak French? / Do you speak English?: Você fala francês ?/ Você fala inglês ?
Toilets: Sanitário

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As of 12 November 2014, this visa facilitation covers the following countries

Afghanistan ; Albania ; Argentina ; Bahrain ; Bangladesh ; Benin ; Botswana ; Brazil ; Brunei ; Burkina Faso ; Burma (Myanmar) ; Chad ; Cambodia ; China ; Colombia ; Comoros ; Congo ; Cuba ; Djibouti ; Dominican Republic ; Ecuador ; Egypt ; Equatorial Guinea ; El Salvador ; Ethiopia ; Fiji ; Gabon ; Guinea ; Haiti ; Hong Kong ; Iran ; Iraq ; India ; Ivory Coast ; Jamaica ; Kuwait ; Laos ; Lebanon ; Libya ; Macedonia ; Madagascar ; Malaysia ; Mali ; Mauritania ; Mauritius ; Mexico ; Mongolia ; Morocco ; Nepal ; New Zealand ; Niger ; Oman ; Pakistan ; Panama ; Papua New Guinea ; Paraguay ; Peru ; Qatar ; Saint Lucia ; Salvador ; Senegal ; Serbia ; Seychelles ; Singapore ; South Africa ; South Korea ; Sudan ; Surinam ; Taiwan ; Tanzania ; Thailand ; Togo ; Tunisia ; Turkmenistan ; Uganda ; Uruguay ; Vanuatu ; Venezuela ; Yemen ; Zimbabwe