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6x Luxury in Amsterdam

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Due to the the red light district and the many coffee shops, Amsterdam is not necessarily known as a luxury city, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You will find yourself in an oasis of luxury in Amsterdam - if you know where to go and what to do, at least! When it comes to shopping, relaxation in a luxury spa or eating at a Michelin star restaurant, you are at the right place in Amsterdam. Read here all about our luxury tips in Amsterdam, and you will be fully tampered!

Department store "heaven" Bijenkorf
Department store "heaven" Bijenkorf
The most luxury shopping street of Amsterdam
The most luxury shopping street of Amsterdam

Luxury shopping

There are many opportunities for shopping in Amsterdam, but for the luxury, stylish clothes you really need to go to P.C. Hooftstraat. There you find both national and international designer clothes, such as Hugo Boss, D&G, MaxMara, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Gucci and Frans Molenaar; but also that special, elegant armchair you were looking for for months. Get a face mask by one of the qualified employees of the luxury cosmetics shops and walk out as a new, reborn person. It’s all about the looks at P.C. Hoofstraat, so take a coffee when it's time for a break, and show off your beautiful self!

Tip: are you looking for a place where all the aforementioned luxury is available under one roof? Go to department store Bijenkorf on Dam Square where they have almost everything you can imagine spread over its five floors!
Try out a Michelin-star restaurant
Try out a Michelin-star restaurant

Luxury restaurants

There is a wide variety of upscale restaurants in Amsterdam, from Italian to organic food that comes straight out of a nearby garden. Restaurant and nursery De Kas falls into that second category and is located in the greenhouse complex of the former Amsterdam City Greenery of 1926. They grow their own herbs and vegetables in the gardens next to the restaurant of De Kas. Every day they put together one fixed menu, based on the harvest of their nursery, supplemented with the best local ingredients - fresh and delicious guaranteed!

Have you always wanted to eat at a Michelin star restaurant, then you are at the right place in Amsterdam! Ciel Bleu, the only two-star Michelin restaurant in Amsterdam, offers a complete dining experience with great views, the best service and some delicious cuisine at one of the best locations of Amsterdam. The restaurant is located on the 23rd floor of the Okura and offers sumptuous cuisine in an elegant and stylish environment. Ciel Bleu uses local ingredients and the chefs really create some masterpieces of gourmet. Tip: if you want a table at Ciel Bleu, book a couple of weeks, or even months, in advance. 

Some other Michelin starred restaurants in Amsterdam: Sinne, Bolenius, Sazanka, Vinkeles, Aan de Poel, and MOS.

Concertgebouw is located at Museumplein
Concertgebouw is located at Museumplein

Luxury entertainment

Go to the Concertgebouw for a wonderfully luxurious evening where you feel just like a member of the royal family for a moment. Spoil your eyes and ears with some of the best and most exciting classical music. Occasionally, they also have experimental evenings with jazz and electronic music. The Concertgebouworkest was established here and is known throughout the world; with a little bit of luck, they have a gig here when you are in Amsterdam!

Are you more into movies, then Pathé Tuschinski is perfect for you. There is something magical about this place with its unique architecture. Upon entering, it really feels like you are stepping into a spooky, yet beautiful, movie with its different styles like Amsterdam School, art nouveau and art deco!

You will find Rijksmuseum also at Museumplein
You will find Rijksmuseum also at Museumplein

Luxury culture

Go straight to the Rijksmuseum if you are into ancient and modern art. Rijksmuseum is really the cultural heart of Amsterdam with 8,000 pieces of 800 years of Dutch art and history - from the Middle Ages up until present. The building itself is even a work of art. Give some extra attention to the rooms of the Eregalerij, the Nachtwachtzaal and the Philipsvleugel.

A hidden gem that not many tourists know of, is Six Collection. This is a private art collection of, you guessed it, wealthy family Six. They have been exhibiting art for generations now, and all pieces tell a unique story. The beautiful building is on the Amstel river. Tip: it’s by invitation only, so book your trip to the Six Collection in advance. 
Enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam from the water
Enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam from the water

Luxury tours

When you are in Amsterdam for a short time only, you want to get as much as possible out of your luxury city break, right. There are many luxury tours in Amsterdam that make this possible for you and your party, but Amsterdam Jewel Cruises definitely takes the cake. Amsterdam is known for its excursion boats and Jewel Cruises brings this famous canal tour to a much higher level! Book a table on the wonderful Henry Schmitz boat, a 16-meter-long canal boat built in 1898, and eat your delicious dinner by candlelight in a very upscale, but cozy setting. Romance guaranteed! While enjoying the beauty of Amsterdam from the water, your glass of champagne will continuously get refilled. It is the perfect excursion if you appreciate some luxurious pampering!

Take a massage or try out the Koan Float
Take a massage or try out the Koan Float

Luxury spa

After you have completed your eventful weekend schedule, it is nice to finish your city break off at a luxury spa in Amsterdam, like InterContinental Amstel! Give your body and mind some well-deserved rest and leave Amsterdam fully relaxed. Upon entering InterContinental Amstel you walk straight into an old Victorian world. There is a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and plenty of beds to dream away with thoughts of enjoyments of your luxury city break to Amsterdam.

Would you rather try something completely different to relax than the usual sauna, at Koan Float you experience ultimate relaxation when you step inside the little Koan cabin that looks like a space shuttle, filled with very salty water. You are stripped from all external stimuli, and you feel totally weightless floating in the cabin, similar to the Dead Sea. Just float and do absolutely nothing, but you could control the lights and music if you’d like. Let your mind wander away and within minutes you already feel completely relaxed!

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