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Surrounded by mountains, Zurich sits beside lake Zurich, not far from the Swiss Alps. This unique topography makes for a city which is bursting with nature, and around every corner is a picture postcard view. A major centre of culture in Switzerland, Zurich has around fifty different museums and a hundred art galleries which offer a dynamic cultural life all year round.

Among the many museums of Zurich, the Heidi Weber Museum is a must-see during your visit to Zurich. Designed by Le Corbusier, the elegance of its architecture make it a work of art in itself.

Besides the many exhibitions in Zurich, you can appreciate the arts during Art International Zurich, a great event which brings together artists from all over the world.
Art in all its forms can be found in Zurich, from the stained glass windows by Sigmar Polke at the cathedral, or Grossmünster, to the latest trends waiting to be discovered at the Blickfang International Design Fair.

Ready to do some shopping in Zurich? Head for Bahnhofstrasse, the main shopping street which displays all the luxury brands from Armani and Chanel to Louis Vuitton and Longchamp.

After your shopping spree, prepare to experience the Zurich's nightlife! Numerous clubs dot the streets of Zurich, staying open late into the night with no legal closing time: a clubber’s delight!

If you are visiting Zurich with children, don't miss a trip to the Zurich zoo or a walk in the Lindenhof Park. The Christmas season is a great time to plan a family trip to Zurich, and the Magic of New Year’s Eve event by the lake is a spectacular way to see in the new year.

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