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From Saturday, August 11 2018 to Sunday, November 4 2018

Who is the other?

An insatiable collector, over the years New Zealand artist Patrick Pond has amassed a collection as huge as its is varied. He is equally fascinated by photos and objets d'art, and it is actually quite difficult for the visitor to identify a guiding theme in this pile of odds and ends. And yet, all you need to do is let yourself be carried away and, in the absence of logic, a poignant poetry is revealed.
A particular focus of the exhibition is the theme of the mirror. Arranged as a large-scale palindrome, it encourages you to think about the issue of correspondence and doubles.

From Saturday 11 August to Sunday 4 November 2018 :
- Every day, from 10:00 to 17:00

Admission prices :
- Free
Find out more on 0064 4913 9032 or by email

City Gallery Wellington
Civic Square, 101 Wakefield St
6001 Wellington

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