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Romantic and historic, Warsaw, with its old town and new town, is a city with two faces which strides energetically into the future.
Chopin’s city, which spent many years under Soviet Union rule, Warsaw is the frontrunner for a country that has been rebuilding itself successfully for several decades.
During your stay in Warsaw you will have the opportunity to discover the city’s astonishing architectural diversity. The Lazienki Royal Palace and the Wilanów Palace are brilliant representatives of 17th century architecture, while the Palace of Culture and Science is emblematic of the many buildings constructed under the principles of socialist realism.
Make the most of your trip to Warsaw, following in the footsteps of Chopin, the great composer who grew up and lived his life in the Polish capital.
The city’s many parks and gardens invite you to enjoy the pleasures of life in Poland during your stay in Warsaw. Take the family to visit the thousands of animals in the Warsaw Zoo.
For a romantic stay in Warsaw go for a walk along the Vistula River in search of the mermaid who, according to legend, protects the city even today.
The Multimedia Fountain Park will offer an equally poetic and magical spectacle with its play of light and water.
Complex and marvellous, Warsaw has - for centuries - offered a symphony of emotions.

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