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Pearl of the Danube, noble city of the house of Habsburg: Vienna’s superb imperial setting is now at the service of a dynamic younger generation. Encompassing romances, waltzes and delicious Viennese specialties, your trip will be a opportunity to enjoy Vienna to the full.

During any visit to Vienna, a veritable museum-city, a certain amount of patience will be necessary in order to see the legions of masterpieces. Following in the footsteps of Empress Sissi, make your way to the Schönbrunn Palace, the imperial summer residence. The influence of this sumptuous "Austrian Versailles" echoes throughout Europe. The Hofburg, the former imperial palace which is now the seat of the Presidency of the Republic of Austria, is another imperial wonder which now houses the Sissi museum.

All along the famous Ringstrasser, Vienna proves its worth as a true cultural capital. During your stay in Vienna you will have the chance to discover a true cultural capital. In the MuseumsQuarter district you will find the finest museums in Vienna. The Leopold Museum and the Kunsthalle will enlighten you about the school of Vienna, including Egon Schiele and Klimt, who are some of its best representatives. The Albertina palace houses over a million prints, including many by Dürer.

Spend a romantic evening music at the Staatsoper, one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world, or explore St. Stephen's Cathedral, whose Gothic style is symbolic of Viennese elegance.

Nothing beats the charming atmosphere of Viennese cafés. During your stay in Vienna you will have the opportunity to taste some of the many specialties offered by the city’s Kaffeehäuser. For more delicious local flavours, head to the Naschmarkt, a great market with 500 metres of restaurants and stalls.

Send the cliches flying as you discover the verdant side of Vienna. Spend your sunny days among the many gardens bursting into bloom, including the gorgeous Belvedere. During your stay in Vienna, you will no doubt rub shoulders with the Viennese youth, ever in search of the avant-garde, who bring Viennese evenings to life.

Vienna remains a fertile land in which all schools of thought and artist trends can be expressed freely, as time goes by like the blue waters of the Danube.

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