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Europe's largest glasshouse.

A hundred and ten meters long, with a floor area of 2500m2 and over 45,000 glass panes, the Palm Glasshouse at the Schoenbrunn Palace Park was built by Emperor Franz Josef in 1882. It remains the largest building of its kind in Europe.

The visitor is invited to visit the three successive pavilions, in which the temperature and humidity vary, according to the different types of plants growing there. The first pavilion includes species from dry climates (South Africa, Australia and the Mediterranean). Another houses distant species from temperate areas (China, Japan, New Zealand). Finally, the last is devoted to tropical plants. Note a "curiosity" for fans of world records: the world's largest water lily can be found here: its leaves reach over a metre in diameter. 

Admission prices :
- Full price : 4 €

The great palm house in the Schönbrunn Palace park
Hietzinger Tor
1010 Vienna

Phone number
00 43 1 81 11 30

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