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The administrative capital of the Indre et Loire department and largest town in the Centre region, Tours is to be found in the heart of the region which houses the châteaux of the Loire Valley, including the château d'Amboise (home of Leonardo da Vinci) and the Château de Blois.

On your visit to Tours, soak up the atmosphere of this cradle of the Renaissance, starting with a visit to the Museum of the hôtel Gouin which houses the collections of the archaeological society of Touraine. This is one of the last vestiges of the Renaissance, with the towers of the cathedral of Saint-Gratien.
Go for a stroll in the centre historic centre of Tours and discover its royal château, inherited from the medieval kings of France.

The Hôtel de Ville of more recent design is no less remarkable as an architectural jewel in Tours.

During your visit to Tours, you will discover a town which embraces all eras and lifestyles, from the American Tours Festival, to the forward thinking Lesbian and Gay Pride in Tours, and the Désirs Désirs film festival.

Rabelais' Gargantua was not wrong: Tours is indeed the city of taste! The Garlic and Basil Fair and the Tours Fair are ideal occasions to discover the local specialties, such as the fouace, a kind of pastry. Wash it down with a glass of wine – you are in one of the most important wine producing regions of France. The Vitiloire festival and Sea and Vine festival prove that life in Tours is good in our day and age too!

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