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A colourful city, Toulouse exudes good humour. Halfway between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, the Pink City is a charming destination, young and dynamic but also well suited to romantic strolls.

Ever fashionable, Toulouse cultivates a fine lifestyle. Toulouse is a historic city, and it yet also looks to the future and in particular to the infinite spaces opened up by the aerospace industry.

During your holiday in Toulouse, you'll find the city teeming with young students who enjoy the quality of life among the pretty, sloping streets. The Place du Capitole is the city’s main hub, lying opposite the town hall. You will find yourself at the epicentre of the capital of the Midi-Pyrenees.

Visit Toulouse and explore this very romantic city, with its red brick buildings that have faded to a lovely pink over time. In the narrow streets of the old town, couples and passers by linger, catching the scent of violets on the breeze; this little flower is the emblem of the Pink City.

Travel to Toulouse to encounter flamboyant monuments, like the Jacobins Convent, an impressive complex, or the cathedral of Saint-Etienne, an unclassifiable mix of a building that incorporates Gothic and Romanesque styles.

Another example of unique Toulousian architecture can be found at the hotel Assézat and at the Bomberg foundation, which testify to the great wealth and variety of the many mansions that populate Toulouse.

Far from being stuck in the past, Toulouse moves with the times. Visit the old Abattoirs which have been converted into the Museum of Contemporary Art, reflecting the tone and colour of the region’s artistic capital.

Enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and beautiful weather on your to visit to Toulouse, and stroll along the Canal du Midi, before stepping into the unknown at the Cité de l'Espace: here you can discover why Toulouse is one of the European Capitals of space adventure.

And for a taste of something a little more grounded, head for the markets of the city, to enjoy delicious homemade specialties. Cassoulet, foie gras and charcuterie are sure to whet your appetite. Many top chefs have made Toulouse their culinary playground.

A combination of a dynamic urban life and the quaint atmosphere of the Southwest is the key to the charm and success of sunny Toulouse.

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