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From Friday, June 30 2017 to Sunday, July 9 2017

A love letter to Tango.

Imagine an Aeropostale Breguet XIV from Toulouse to Buenos Aires in Argentina, charged with a thousand postcards, love letters and confessions from both sides. And in return... the passion of tango and the culture of the Río de la Plata.

If you've always wanted to do understand the passion that is at the heart of tango, and always dreamed of exploring the birthplace of Carlos Gardel, then don't miss out on this year's Tangopostale event in July.

From Friday 30 June to Sunday 9 July 2017 :
- Every day, from 10:00 to 03:00

Admission prices :
- Full price : 22 €
The festival takes place in various locations.

Auditorium Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines
12, place Saint-Pierre
31200 Toulouse

Phone number
05 61 22 31 05

05 62 27 67 95

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