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Long gone are the days of opium dens and pagodas illuminated by lanterns... Shanghai now advances like a ship towards the future, a complex city that carries with it the culture and history of the "Pearl of the Orient".

Far from the clichés, your stay in Shanghai will be the opportunity to uncover the secrets of a city which shows another side to China. Shanghai is the pride of a nation that continues to expand, a city that is capable of realising the most ambitious projects. And from the majestic river Huangpu which criss-crosses Shanghai, you can contemplate the slight tendency to megalomania in the Middle Empire.

The jewels in the crown of this Asian Manhattan are undoubtedly the Bund, a great paved boardwalk along the river, in the shadow of the many skyscrapers, and also the World Financial Center, one of the tallest buildings in the world, at 474 meters high.

A modern city in every sense of the word, a visit to Shanghai is also an invitation to relax. For a day of shopping, stroll along the 5.5 kilometers of Nanjing East Road, browsing its many luxury brands: a true shopping paradise.

A stay in Shanghai is an opportunity to experience another culture. On People's Square, you can enjoy the unlikely spectacle of the marriage market where – amid much arguing - single people come to find their soul mate.

The city’s most authentic and traditional culture can be found in the neighbourhood of Yuyuan, where picturesque houses and the beautiful Yuyuan flower garden are the backdrop to many traditional celebrations. You can also visit the former French concession to experience Shanghai as it was in the nineteenth century. Cosy and delicate, this little corner of France is full of fashionable shops and cafes.

Spirituality occupies a special place in Shanghai, as evidenced by the crowds who flock to see the Jade Buddha.

In just a few years, Shanghai has become a major contemporary art centre. With its contemporary art museum, and its plethora of galleries, you will discover a dynamic major artistic centre during your stay in Shanghai.

Eclectic, teeming and futuristic, Shanghai, is one of the most exciting cities of the modern world right now.

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