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From Sunday, October 29 2017 to Saturday, November 4 2017

Romantic and avant-garde.

La Traviata is without a doubt the romantic opera par excellence. It is based on La Dame Aux Camellias (The Lady with the Camellias), a story of love denied, written by Alexander Dumas the younger.

La Traviata is a rare example of a lyrical work taken directly from a contemporary literary piece. This was also the case for Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, which came only two years later than the original French work.

Verdi understood that Dumas was an innovator and that his La Dame Aux Camellias opened the gates for a new theatrical format. Far from avoiding the unknown, Verdi worked to bring out all that was new and unconventional in the manuscript.

From the start Verdi introduces the two dominant themes of the story, love and death, with brilliant orchestral writing. The vocal performance is also remarkable, notably that of Violetta, whose every note carries the depth of her emotion.

Director Sofia Coppola has chosen to work in the lyrical field by putting her name to the staging of this production of La Traviata. Providing an opportunity to discover a different side of the artist but also to admire the costumes designed by fashion house Valentino.

Musical direction by Stefano Ranzani/Carlo Donadio
Directed by Sofia Coppola

Including (depending on the day):
Maria Grazia Schiavo, Valentina Varriale, Arturo Chacon Cruz, Sebastian Catana, Erika Beretti
The orchestra, the chorus and the Corps de Ballet from the Rome Opera

Prices to be confirmed

Sung in Italian with surtitles in English and Italian

Rome Opera House
Piazza Beniamino Gigli, 7
00100 Rome

Phone number
00 39 6 48 16 02 55


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