How to make the most of your 3-day weekend in Rome!

Planning a trip to Rome? Get some inspiration on what to do while you’re there with our idea of a perfect three-day itinerary. History, culture, entertainment, restaurants… Pack it all in at a comfortable pace and don’t miss a thing!

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Your stay in Rome begins at the Villa Borghese. The gallery of the same name is home to one of the city’s most beautiful collections, with works by Raphael, Bernini and Caravaggio. You can wander freely through the twenty-some rooms in this building, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the past. After your visit, walk through the gardens to take in the magnificent view of the Piazza del Popolo. Finish your circuit with the Carlo Bilotti Museum, where you can see works of contemporary art by Warhol, Giorgio De Chirico and Severini. Finally, pass by the Villa Medici before heading down to the famous Piazza di Spagna.
You can have lunch here in the restaurant Il Palazzetto. It has an exceptional setting with a terrace looking directly out over the Spanish Steps. Or, opt for a quick takeaway meal and eat sitting on the steps while you enjoy the lively view of the famous Baroque Barcaccia Fountain.
Once you’ve finished your meal, continue towards the Via Condotti for an afternoon of checking out major designer shops during your stay in Rome. The adjacent streets also has many more affordable shops. Follow this road long enough and you will eventually reach the Tiber, which you can follow southwards, enjoying the sunlight dancing on the river.
For the first evening of your stay in Rome, head to the warm, lively Trastevere neighbourhood for a picturesque, authentic Roman aperitif experience. The restaurant Il Miraggio serves a delicious Cacio e Pepe, or “pasta with cheese and pepper”, paying homage to Italian gastronomy. Here you can find excellent food and a typical atmosphere at affordable prices.

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It’s time to board the metropolitana and head for the Colosseum. Exiting the station, you’ll find yourself directly at the foot of these immense Roman ruins. For this stay in Rome, buy a ticket that includes visits to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, then start your day in these millennia-old ruins that are as powerful as ever. Let your imagination transport you back to a time when the sounds of gladiators and emperors echoed in this stone arena. Climb the steps to admire the view and observe the vastness of this architectural masterpiece.
Recover your strength before beginning your afternoon on Palatine Hill, a magnificent area with vantage points that are well worth with the effort it takes to reach them. Afterwards, walk back towards the Roman Forum and enjoy the overview of the ruins, which gives you a better idea of how the site was organised thousands of years ago. Wander through the ruins and let your imagination travel back through time. Night is gently falling on the ruins of the ancient city: it’s time for you to leave this magical place and continue your stay in Rome with a pleasant dinner.

Take a detour past the
Bocca della Verità on your way to finding the perfect restaurant to start your evening. At Ponte Vittorio, you can enjoy a delicious dish of creamy ravioli. Once you’ve eaten your fill, head back out for a nighttime stroll towards the sublime Castel Sant’Angelo by way of the bridge by the same name, decorated with statues of angels that keep you company and show you the way.

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When you wake up, begin the final day of your stay in Rome with an espresso drunk standing at the counter “Italian-style” before heading for one of Rome’s most famous sites: Trevi Fountain, a Baroque work immortalised in Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita, which attracts numerous visitors each day. Don’t forgot to throw a coin in and make a wish to come back some day.
Continue your stay in Rome with a visit of the spectacular Pantheon. More than 2000 years old, this is the largest ancient Roman monument still intact today. The imposing dome and its architectural ingenuity will leave you speechless. The building was converted into a Catholic church in 609, which explains why it’s in such good condition and has been so well preserved through the centuries.
For lunch, listen for where you hear the most people speaking Italian, and take a table at the same spot. This is one of the best secrets for choosing a restaurant during your stay in Rome. After your meal, head for the Largo Argentina, the vast archaeological complex made up of four Roman temples and the ruins of the Curia of Pompey where Julius Caesar was assassinated. Gazing upon the ruins, you can almost imagine the temples that used to be there. Now, the site has become a sanctuary for the city’s many stray cats.

The Roman capital has something different to offer each time you visit. Follow your intuition to find the places that will dazzle you the most during your stay in Rome. There are centuries of history in this city, and these three days will have allowed you to discover just a few of them. There is still plenty more to discover on your next visits, such as Vatican City and Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

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