Rio de Janeiro
Iconic Rio beach.

When you think of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, it may well be Copacabana that springs to mind first. However, Ipanema beach is not far behind, enjoying an iconic status in Rio. With over two kilometers of golden sand leading from the densely verdant mountains at one end to a rocky point stretching out into the sea at the other, Ipanema beach is one of the most beautiful - and recognizable - beaches in the world.

The Cariocas (the people of Rio) adore this beach, and at any time of day the beach and its long boardwalk is teeming with swimmers, joggers, cyclists, walkers, sunbathers and those just wanting to see and be seen. Numerous vendors selling snacks wander up and down the beach, and kiosks offer all kinds of refreshing fresh juices, including fresh green coconuts straight-up with a straw. Every night the sunset is a spectacular sight, and a great crowd will gather to watch - and clap if it's a particularly good one. When the sun goes down, the beach is left deserted. But only until tomorrow, when it all begins again.

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