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Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Rabat, the coastal city and capital of Morocco, is revealed through its urban planning. Discover the white city by exploring the sandy beaches, lush gardens and ruins from the past.

Feel the city's pulse and start your journey in Agdal, which was originally designed as a huge garden. Stroll past the shop windows and pick up some Rabat fashion tips before relaxing with a mint tea.

Then you can cool off nearby, in the shade of the palm trees and trees in Rabat's lush gardens. Stroll along the paths of the botanical gardens, which were the precursors to fruit farming in Morocco. Or travel to the other end of the city to say hello to the African wildlife at Rabat zoo.

Then it's time for some culture so head to the newly opened Mohammed VI Museum. Behind its Moorish façade it houses an important collection of modern and contemporary works by Moroccan and foreign artists who are proof of the cultural vitality of the city.

Because Rabat is also a "new town", one of the largest urban architecture projects in Africa in the 20th century. Like the royal palace, the city is mix of architecture from different ages. As you walk through the Medina you can admire this clever blend of Islamic, Andalusian, Marinid and modern architecture.

Then step back in time and cross the amber ramparts of the old town, heading towards the remains of the Old City. Go back up Rue des Consuls to marvel at the wealth of local crafts, before reaching Kasbah des Oudayas to admire the imposing gate, a masterpiece of Almohad art. Another fascinating site, in the south of the city, is the Chellah necropolis, with its ruins, which have witnessed more than 2,000 years of history.

With its warm and friendly atmosphere and wealth of treasures, Rabat is proof that the future reflects the past while maintaining a modern and attractive side.

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