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Prague is a city with a 1000-year heritage. Its history and its architecture, preserved through the centuries and protected from wars, make it one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities today. Warm and charming, with scenes taken straight from a postcard, this city reveals itself in its cobblestone streets, colourful roofs and historic bridges, but also in the friendly welcome you’ll get from its inhabitants, who are all happy and proud to tell you about their cultural heritage. Thanks to the numerous examples of Art Nouveau found on its facades and buildings, Prague’s sublime artistic heritage is in evidence as you walk through the city streets.

The history of Prague: vestiges that have stood the test of time

The newest jewel of Europe was discovered after the 1989 Velvet Revolution. The end of communism opened this exquisitely beautiful city up to the rest of the world. Well preserved from bombing and conflict, Prague’s architecture is an unusual mix of ochre rooftops and dark grey towers and Gothic cathedrals. Between its gorgeous Vltava River and its rich architectural heritage, Prague has plenty to be proud of. The splendour of its National Theatre lights up the riverbanks, while the emblematic Charles Bridge links the old city to Prague Castle, so many treasures standing witness to Prague’s illustrious past. Styles are intermingled here, from Gothic to Baroque, from Art Nouveau to Renaissance: the city has clearly been marked by time.

A city with a classical soundtrack

Prague, where Mozart once lived, has an ear for music. The city’s Vltava River, a beautiful example of Prague’s natural heritage, has inspired many an extraordinary Czech composer. The beautiful symphonic poem Vltava, a masterpiece by Bedřich Smetana, is a perfect embodiment of this powerful, romantic city. While Smetana was the conductor of the Prague Opera in 1866, he met Antonín Dvořák, who would later compose the sublime New World Symphony. The friendship between these two geniuses of classical music, solidified by the lyricism of the city, is enough to convince you of the magic that reigns here. A classical music concert in Prague’s most beautiful Baroque church, Saint-Nicolas de Malá Strana, or in the concert hall at the Rudolfinum is an unforgettable experience. The immortal notes of these composers who wrote Prague into their music will resonate in you as you walk through the streets of the old town.

Prague’s art scene: a mix of religion and a bohemian spirit

Prague is bohemian. This region, in the west of the country, is a haven for artists of all kinds. The extraordinary collection at the Prague National Museum, along with the splendour of the churches and the works of art protected inside them, attest to the city’s rich artistic heritage. The modern art museum, Trade Fair Palace, is an exceptional building whose 13,000 square metres are filled with surrealist and cubist works. In addition to the city’s museums, the heritage of the powerful words of Franz Kafka and the colourful works of Alphonse Mucha also play a major role in the bohemian artistic spirit that has made the city so famous.

A mysterious, brilliant city to explore at night

Prague is also beautiful in the evening. For an unforgettable experience in a charming atmosphere, take a stroll through the quiet streets after nightfall. The Gothic architecture of the historic Old Town Square and its astronomical clock shine in the light from the lamp posts. This mysterious, romantic city will captivate you. Find yourself a cosy jazz tavern and spend an evening with the locals. On the banks of the river, Prague Castle lights up at night, offering the city its most beautiful vantage point. The light from the lanterns is reflected on the water, making the city more charming than ever. If your head starts to spin, don’t blame the traditional beer or regional wines: it’s simply the magic of Prague.
In Prague, the past is still felt in the city’s streets and neighbourhoods. Over the course of your visit, you will discover this capital’s history, and you can rest assured that its well-preserved beauty guarantees the city has a bright future ahead of it.

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