How to make the most of your 3-day weekend in Prague!

Planning a trip to Prague? Get some inspiration on what to do while you’re there with our idea of a perfect three-day itinerary. History, culture, entertainment, restaurants… Pack it all in at a comfortable pace and don’t miss a thing!

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Your stay in Prague begins at the west of the city. On top of the hill in the Hradčany neighbourhood stands the impressive silhouette of the Prague Castle complex. In addition to the castle itself, you will discover ancient palaces, churches, gardens and museums. This site was home to the kings of Bohemia and later to the presidents of the Czech Republic. Built gradually over many centuries by its different occupants, the complex offers an astounding variety of architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque and modern.
Found within the castle walls, the St. Vitus Cathedral is built in the Gothic style, with spires that seem to touch the sky. Go inside to admire the beautiful stained glass windows which cast colourful shadows on the imposing interior columns, before climbing the 287 steps of the bell tower of the Czech Republic’s most important church where the kings were once crowned.
Finish up your visit by lunchtime to catch the impressive changing of the guard, complete with flags and a fanfare, at the castle entrance.
Afterwards, walk down the narrow Golden Lane and admire its surprising, brightly-coloured little houses: these 16th century dollhouses were once the home of the city’s many goldsmiths.
For lunch, refuel at the restaurant U Mecenáše. This unusually decorated tavern, one of the city’s oldest establishments, is found beneath the street’s graceful archways. Seated amidst its historic frescos and medieval cellars, you can enjoy delicious regional dishes like traditional Svíčková. This sirloin steak served with a vegetable sauce, cranberry jam and knedliky (bread dumplings) is a traditional meal you must try during your stay in Prague.
In the afternoon you can walk around the Malá Strana neighbourhood, starting with the gorgeous St. Nicholas Church of Malá Strana. Prague’s most famous Baroque church is a truly stunning building. The characteristic opulence of the Bohemian radical Baroque style can be seen in the sublime ornamentation, sculptures and large trompe l’oeil fresco inside the church.
bold;After your long day of seeing the sights, have a relaxing evening at Lokál u Bílé Kuželky where you can enjoy excellent Czech beer accompanied by sausages and other local dishes.

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Begin your day as early as possible to take full advantage of the most emblematic site of your stay in Prague. The Charles Bridge, a Gothic construction covered in sculptures, is a large attraction for tourists and is best viewed at sunrise. The early morning sun beautifully illuminates the stunning structure, which was built in honour of Charles IV, known as the Father of the Czech Nation, in the 14th century. You can also admire the view of the Vltava River, which inspired composer Bedřich Smetana to write his masterpiece by the same name in the 19th century. The cobblestones and Baroque statues of saints only add to the charm and beauty of this bridge linking the Old Town to the Malá Strana neighbourhood. Take your time to discover the site and the surrounding area, all while tasting a delicious trdelník from Good Food Coffee & Bakery. These golden pastries cooked on a spit and sprinkled with your choice of sweet or savoury ingredients are simply delightful.
Start your evening in Staré Mesto, the Old Town. Here at the heart of the capital’s historic centre, you will find sublime buildings in different architectural styles lining the main square. The Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn dominates the Old Town Square with its two imposing towers, while you might be surprised to find a beautifully preserved Renaissance house next door. This structure, also called the Minute House, Dům U Minuty, was built in 1550 and has a superb facade decorated with sgraffito designs typical of the Renaissance. A bit farther down, the spectacular Astronomical Clock on the tower of the Old Town Hall is a unique sight. Rebuilt in 1490, this clock features allegorical characters such as Avarice and Death that come to life each hour and act out a story while the sculptures of the apostles rotate past them. This extraordinary mechanism astounds visitors with its beauty and ingenuity.
In the evening, enjoy the exceptional location of Terasa U Prince. Whether you eat dinner or simply taste one of the excellent regional wines, this restaurant offers the perfect vantage point to admire the ochre roofs and the towers of the Old Town Square from a table on the terrace. Enjoy this postcard-like setting in the midst of your stay in Prague!

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On the last day of your stay in Prague, start with a visit to the magnificent Spanish Synagogue, north of the Old Town. This structure was built in the Moorish Arabo-Andalusian style in 1868 on the site of Prague’s oldest synagogue, nicknamed “the old school”. The composer of the Czech national anthem, František Škroup, was once the organist here. In this richly decorated building, you can admire the splendour of the golden arabesques and Oriental motifs that cover the walls, the engraved doors and other embellishments.
On your way out, take a moment to admire the strange bronze Franz Kafka statue across the way. Created by sculptor Jaroslav Róna in 2003, it pays homage to one of the most important writers of the 20th century. Known for his masterpieces such as The Trial and Metamorphosis, this literary genius lived on rue Dušní, just a few steps away. The statue is found at the border between the Old Town and the Jewish quarter.
Begin the final afternoon of your stay in Prague at Wenceslas Square, the Czech capital’s administrative and commercial centre. This is where many of the city’s major historical and social events have taken place, such as the 1989 Velvet Revolution. This site, dominated by the imposing National Museum and the statue of Saint Wenceslas (patron saint of Bohemia) on horseback, is the perfect place to begin a tranquil stroll from the shops to a cafe terrace before heading westwards again, towards the Vltava River.
Once the sun has set, head to the riverfront to find a seat on the panoramic terrace of Tančící dům. The extraordinary, whimsical contemporary architecture of the Dancing House is home to the Ginger & Fred Restaurant on its top floor. With its name taken from the two dancers—Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire—who inspired the design of these intertwined towers, this restaurant offers an unparalleled view of the city, its river and its castle. The modern, international cuisine here is excellent. It’s a perfect way to conclude your stay in Prague.
A late discovery that is now a jewel in Europe’s crown, Prague is a beautiful, well-preserved city. Its historical monuments and charming atmosphere make it a perfect destination for a getaway.

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