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Sunday, November 4 2018

Discover Porto as you run.

With the marathon of Porto you'll be able to discover the Portuguese city as you run. You're sure to be up to conquering the 42.195 kms that separate you from the finish line. Put on your trainers and take your position on the starting line along with thousands of athletes from around the world. Between breaths and at your own pace, you'll be able to enjoy the changing landscape. The record to beat? That of the Kenyan Philemon Baaru in 2011 (2 hrs 9 mins). But if the marathon seems too difficult for you, the Family Race (15km) and the Fun Race (6 km) will require a more moderate exertion but still allow you to take part in the fun.

On Sunday 4 November 2018 :
- Sunday doors open at 09:00

Rua Júlio Dinis
Rua Júlio Dinis
4049 Porto

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