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From Friday, December 14 2018 to Sunday, March 10 2019

May the force be with you.

It's not far from a religion, such is the devotion of its fans. For more than four decades, Star Wars has ignited passions: the saga has its legions of fans, its apocryphal works and even its own world day (May 4).
For the first time, fans step out from the official dogma to offer their own homage to this cult world.
Based on an idea from Star Wars mega-fan Daniel Prada, this is an exclusive and award-winning exhibition including collectibles, full-sizereconstructions of sets and accessories, cosplay and more... And to extend the event, workshops, contests and conferences will punctuate the calendar until March. Go forth, "it is your destiny"!

Last entry 30 minutes before closing.

Centre Expo Lafayette Drouot
44, rue du Faubourg Montmatre
75009 Paris


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