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From Tuesday, March 21 2017 to Sunday, September 3 2017

Love on canvas.

Olga Khokhlova, born in 1891 in a Ukrainian city in the Russian Empire, was a member of the Russian Ballets troupe. She met Pablo Picasso in 1917 while he was working on decor and costumes for a ballet production, and they married in July 1918 in Paris. Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire were witnesses at the ceremony.
The young woman was to become the artist's frequent model and was an ever present witness to his classical period. Picasso often depicts her in thoughtful or melancholic attitudes that echoed the tragic situation of her family in Russia.
The way Picasso represents Olga reflects the evolution of their relationship, from the soft rosy pictures of her with their first child, to the blurred figures emanating sorrow and pain at the end of their relationship.
This exhibition explores their relationship through a selection of masterpieces, touching on Picasso's personal life and on wider political affairs. 

Musée national Picasso-Paris
5, rue de Thorigny
Hôtel Salé
75003 Paris

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