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From Tuesday, November 6 2018 to Sunday, August 25 2019

You won't believe your eyes!

"I saw it with my own eyes!" We tend to believe what we see as being the most reliable mothod of proving something. However, are you sure you can always rely on your eyes to show you what is really there? Through a playful journey of forty experiences, the exhibition Illusions questions our perception of reality. Information is truncated, mis-contextualized or misinterpreted... The brain, which works as a filter to our vision, is sometimes mistaken in what it tells us we are seeing. The results are sometimes comical situations, or simple but extraordinary illusions. A fun and fascinating exhibition for all ages.

For the general public, from 7 years

Exhibition in French, English and Spanish

Palais de la Découverte - Discovery Palace
avenue Franklin-D.-Roosevelt
75008 Paris

Phone number
01 56 43 20 20

01 56 43 20 29


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