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Saturday, April 13 2019

Strengthening the link between public and record stores.

In less than 20 years, nearly 90% of independent stores have disappeared, leading to the break-down of the social bond. This day, organised by CALIF – Club Action des Labels Indépendants Français (Action Club for Independent French Labels) – sets out to highlight its ongoing support since 2002 for independent record store networks. Inspired by Record Store Day in the USA and UK, CALIF has set up a French version with the aim of renewing the link between music fans and independent record stores. Concerts, showcases and record sales punctuate the day, which takes place in several European countries.

On Saturday 13 April 2019 :
- Saturday doors open at 10:00

Gibert joseph musique
26, boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris

Phone number
01 43 29 37 06

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