How to make the most of your family weekend in Paris!

Planning a trip to Paris? Get some inspiration on what to do while you’re there with our idea of a perfect three-day itinerary. History, culture, entertainment, restaurants… Pack it all in at a comfortable pace and don’t miss a thing!

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The French capital's charm works on the whole family: with its fun museums, bars where you can play board games and exotic animals, Paris is a city for children too.
On your first day, head to the Seine for a cruise on board the famous Bateau-Mouche® (nobody knows where the name comes from!). The route includes the most beautiful monuments in the capital, culminating in the inescapable Eiffel Tower. If the children (and parents) don't suffer from vertigo, try climbing the 704 steps up to the 2nd floor. After that a lift takes you up to the top, nearly 300m above sea level, and takes you back down to the 1st floor, for lunch at the Gustave Eiffel Buffet.

Then head to the heart of the city: Forum des Halles! Marvel at the Lego shop with its giant models of the Arc de Triomphe and Sacré-Cœur. Once you've done your shopping, go to the Comédie-Française, where you can still see Molière's chair, in which he achieved every actor's dream: dying on stage.
To end the day, get a table at Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde (Last Bar Before the End of the World), the geekiest bar in the world, perfect for discussing super heroes and playing Uno over a hot dog and a hamburger.

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On your second day, discover Art Ludique the museum devoted to imaginary worlds, with exhibitions about the cinema, video games and even comic strips. In keeping with this theme stop for a break at Manga Café V2. Here you can finally find out how Dragon Ball ends, over a coffee or a glass of orange juice.

For lunch, it's a short hop to the rather surprising Café des Chats: while you enjoy a selection of home-made dishes, a dozen or so cats roam freely around you. Just like the Aristocats who were Parisian too, these well brought up felines know better than to jump up on the tables. In the afternoon, go to Cité des sciences et de l’industrie to learn all about astronomy or chemistry and have fun with the different experiences, like the electrostatic force which makes your hair stand on end.

In the evening, introduce the children to the Parisian bistro experience and dine at Tonton Jaurès, a family restaurant serving traditional dishes. Then enter the gleaming dome of the Geode. It houses one of the most beautiful cinemas in France, with IMAX screens which are perfect for astronomical documentaries and superhero blockbusters.

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For your third day, dip into the natural and romantic side of Paris. The day begins with a stroll in the Jardin des Plantes. Don't miss the maze - perfect for adventurers who love treasure hunts. If you find your way out, head to the Dodo Merry-go-round to climb on a sivatherium: a cross between a deer and a giraffe, which became extinct 120,000 years ago. Next you should visit the Gallery of Evolution, a sort of life-size Noah's Ark consisting of more than 7,000 species.

For lunch, stop at Saint-Michel, the student and the arts quarter. With its bacon and bottomless soda, Breakfast in America is a genuine friendly diner that you thought only existed in the United States (but in Paris, anything is possible!).
In the afternoon, visit the animals at the Parc Zoologique de Paris: pink flamingos, white rhinos and greater kudus. Head back to the nearby Bois de Vincennes and take a trip on a boat on Lac Daumesnil. Stay with the Belle Epoque vibe and go for a stroll along the Grands Boulevards. Head to Musée Grévin to say hello to Napoleon, Louis XIV and Gerard Depardieu.

As is the tradition, dine under the glass roof of Galerie Vivienne at Legrand Filles et Fils, a Parisian institution. And then it's back to the future at Tête dans les nuages (Head in the Clouds), the biggest gaming arcade in Europe. With its attractions and neon lights you will see another side of the City of Light.
Whether you're big or small, Paris is just right for you. Romantic, historic, futuristic, natural and fun: the whole family will fall for its charm!

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