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From Friday, June 29 2018 to Friday, September 7 2018

An exhibition on engines that is sure to delight the senses...

From Icarus' contraption to Franky Zapata's flyboard, we've covered some distance as a species, and as fast as we can if possible! This is most definitely possible with the Moteurs! exhibition. Whether designed for land, sea or air, you will discover prototypes that seem far removed from modern vehicles, as well as futuristic technologies, like a Solar Impulse simulator which is no doubt an early indication of what the engines of tomorrow will look like! As a practical and sporting example of engines in action, motor sports will also feature prominently, with areas on cars, bikes, boats and planes, as well as the jumpsuits worn by their brave drivers and pilots.

From Friday 29 June to Friday 7 September 2018 :
- Every day, from 10:00 to 18:00

Admission prices :
- Full price : 6 €
- Reduced price : 3 €

Musée national du Sport
boulevard des Jardiniers
06000 Nice

Phone number
04 89 22 44 00


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