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New York is a lively, multicultural city: the city that never sleeps, just like Frank Sinatra once sang. This megalopolis is well worth a visit to see the famous yellow taxis and silver subway cars, which will transport you from museum to theatre like a real New Yorker!

Art and culture: New York’s many museums

New York is a city where culture takes on a whole new meaning. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is one of the world’s most beautiful art museums. The collections displayed there include more than 2 million works of art. Among them you’ll find paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Camille Pissarro, along with works by Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. If you’re a fan of contemporary art, head to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to check outs its 150,000 modern art pieces. And then there’s the Guggenheim, with its futuristic shell-shaped facade.
Finally, visit the American Museum of Natural History, with its dinosaur skeletons that date back millions of years, for a trip into the past.

New York and its skyscrapers: defying time and space

New York is famous for its skyline, its horizon crenelated by the shapes of its many skyscrapers. You should expect to spend a lot of your time in New York looking up, especially on luxurious 5th Avenue. One World Trade Center now stands on the site of the Twin Towers, which were once the highest point in the city.
Rockefeller Center is another well-known institution in New York. Here, you can go up 70 floors and enjoy a stunning view from the Top of the Rock. While you’re there, replay in your mind the legendary scene from King Kong, where the gorilla is hanging from the top of the Empire State Building. Visitors can go up to the 86th floor of this building built in 1931 for a spectacular view of the city.
To get a little closer to the action, head to Times Square. The neon lights and blinking signs here make it the liveliest neighbourhood in New York. Next, walk down Broadway, catching a musical in one of its countless theatres before strolling past the Flatiron Building, which is shaped like a steam iron!

Immigration in New York

New York is a cosmopolitan city. The first immigrants who arrived in the Big Apple were required to pass through Ellis Island. Today, you can visit the National Museum of Immigration there. Very close by, the Statue of Liberty stands tall. She has been watching over the city from her height of 93 metres since 1886.
A large African-American community moved into Harlem at the end of the 19th century. This restored neighbourhood is worth a trip if you feel like hearing a gospel choir or checking out a jazz club. Other areas are also worth visiting: Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, Gramercy Park and the Bronx.

Oceans and parks: New York’s more refreshing side

You can’t miss a trip to Central Park during your stay in New York. This enormous park, which feels like a piece of the countryside right in the middle of the city, has numerous paths and lawns, lakes to row across and even a zoo. The High Line is another favourite with New Yorkers looking for a bit of greenery. This elevated urban park was built on a former railroad line, and extends from the Meatpacking District to Chelsea.
The West Village and Greenwich Village neighbourhoods are also nice places for a pleasant walk with their tree-lined streets, boutiques and cafes. Take note: if you’re a fan of Sex & The City, this is where you can find the apartment belonging to the main character, Carrie Bradshaw.
If you feel like visiting an amusement park, head to Coney Island, where you’ll find a hot dog stand that’s been open for more than 100 years: Nathan’s Famous. Finally, you simply must cross the Brooklyn Bridge during your stay in New York.
You’ll need to make several trips to New York if you want to discover all of its many secrets.

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