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Located on the estuary of the Loire and its tributary the Erdre, not far from the Atlantic ocean, Nantes has a particular charm offered by its setting on the river.
Numerous events take place in connection with the river, inviting you to discover Nantes and the surrounding area in a fun and unusual way. The Erdre Rendez-vous unites jazz and pleasure boating in a refined and bold programme!

Nantes has cultivated an art de vivre which combines culture and relaxation. For romantic excursions in summer, check out the open air film screenings at the “Aux Heures d'été" Festival or the Mandingo Nights festival which offers a plethora of world music beats. And for a real party in Nantes don't miss the Nantes Carnival!

All year round, however, Nantes offers exhibitions, concerts, shows and other cultural events such as the Folle Journée ("Crazy Day") in January and all year round at the Lieu Unique.

You can also discover Nantes in peace and quiet, strolling nonchalantly… Head for the passage Pommeraye and wander about the neoclassical galleries there.

After a walk around the streets of Nantes, refuel at a restaurant, and try some of the culinary specialities of the Loire Atlantic such as bouilleture d'anguilles (an eel dish) or try the pike, accompanied by a glass of Muscadet, an important part of the local gastronomic heritage of Nantes!

Continue your exploration of Nantes by looking at another aspect of its culture: the heritage left by the duchy of Brittany of which Nantes was once the capital. Stop by the château of the Dukes of Brittany where the Edict of Nantes was signed by Henri IV. Now a museum, the château invites you to relive the medieval history of Nantes and to really get to know the city this way.

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