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The economic and political heart of Russia, Moscow is the largest city in Europe. Although it is an important business centre, Moscow has also retained its traditional architecture which gives the city its charm. A visit to Moscow will naturally include a stroll around the famous Red Square framed by the Kremlin and the Saint Basil's Cathedral, a symbol of Russian architecture which was constructed in the 16th century.

An ideal event to enjoy with friends, the Usadba Jazz festival takes place every summer and offers free open air concerts.
Discover the city with the family, and don't miss the Vyugovey Ice Sculpture Festival an event which delights children, and gives the winter holiday season a particular charm, showing that the Russians know how to make the most of the winter temperatures.

Moscow is of course a major cultural centre with particular emphasis on the performing arts. The best classical ballet corps in the world perform across Moscow.

Experience real Russian culture in the classical tradition with a visit to Moscow in summer during the Summer Ballet Festival. In spring, it is the turn of the Golden Mask Festival which plays host to all kinds of performace arts, and the cultural season at the Bolshoi Theatre offers a popular programme.

If you are searching for more unusual events, you might not know that Moscow hosts a Music Festival of Saint Patrick and a Flamenco Festival.

A stay in Moscow would not be complete without a visit to Arbat Street where numerous shops display traditional Russian souvenirs, from Russian doll (matryoshka ), to wooden jewellery boxes and fur hats (chapka).

Take the opportunity to try some of Moscow's culinary specialities such as the rassolnik, a traditional soup, or a solyanka a thick soupy stew, or perhaps nibble on some zakuski with your vodka... And if you fall definitively in love with Russia, the Trans-Siberian railway will take you to Vladivostok, although the journey will take you a week!

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