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A French-speaking city in the Canadian province of Quebec, Montreal has a cultural wealth and diversity which stem from the marriage of dynamic North American influence with the cultural heritage of Europe, evident in its architecture and historical monuments.

With plenty of green spaces, Montreal is the largest island of Hochelaga Archipelago on the river Saint-Laurent.
The Mont-Royal Park and La Fontaine Park are natural spaces which lend themselves perfectly to romantic walks or family outings. Nature-lovers will want to stop off at the Biosphere during their stay in Montreal . This environmental museum is made up of wind turbines and solar panels.

Discover Montreal with a walk around the streets of the old town and learn about the history of the city as you go. Then, for a complete change, head for the city centre where you will find a cluster of skyscrapers.

A city which has a reputation throughout the world, Montreal hosts a number of international festivals. In summer time, the Osheaga Festival and the Francofolies (a French language music festival) are an invitation to dance. Summer in Montreal is marked by the World Film Festival.

If you are visiting Montreal en famille, Halloween is a fun occasion which all the family will enjoy. In winter, the Christmas in the Park Festival brings a little festive magic to the city.
As Montreal lies under a blanket of snow during winter, grab your sledges for the Montreal Snow Festival!

As for the cuisine, gourmet food-lovers will not want to miss the festival such as Montreal en Lumière and Le Temps des Sucres which showcase world cuisine. Montreal is a very multicultural city and indeed this is one of its most charming characteristics.

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