Frida Kahlo, Beyond the Myth, exhibition - Events and festivals Milan - © ADAGP, Paris 2013 - Photo Francisco Kochen
© ADAGP, Paris 2013 - Photo Francisco Kochen
Events and festivals

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From Thursday, February 1 2018 to Sunday, June 3 2018

A major artist takes centre stage.

Frida Kahlo is given pride of place in what is the most important European exhibition dedicated to her.
Oils, drawings, letters and photographs are brought together, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artist’s rich world. It’s an opportunity to discover that Frida Kahlo was also a political activist or that despite the often dramatic expressions in her art, the artist was witty and had a good sense of irony.
A rich exhibition then, which, in addition, will also highlight works never exhibited in Italy before.

MUDEC - Museo delle Culture
via Tortona 56
20100 Milan

Phone number
39 02 54917


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