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Exuberant, glamorous or bling bling ... Miami has created an image for itself as a city that breathes holidays, parties and sun. It’s a hyperactive metropolis in a relaxing setting with the air of a tropical paradise. But Miami is not just a picture postcard ... In Miami, you need to look beyond the luxury villas, turquoise water, sun and amusement parks. From Art Deco buildings to the Cuban ambiance of Little Havana, Miami is a delightful patchwork of atmosphere and history.
Obviously, you can’t pass through Miami without at least once setting foot on one of the many beaches that surround the city. The Miami Beach district is undoubtedly the most famous. Tourists flock there in droves to shop and enjoy the white sand, like South Beach, the most important spot in the neighbourhood. This exotic atmosphere will make you feel you’re on vacation from the start.
In the United States, Miami is surely "the place to be" in terms of things to do. Besides the beaches, Miami Zoo, to the south of the city, or the Jungle Island and Seaquarium to the east are well worth a visit for young and old, in the heart of the animal world. On another level, there’s the AmericanAirlines Arena in the city centre. This huge hall is home to not just the NBA team, Miami Heat, but also numerous shows throughout the year.
Looking further afield, inquiring minds will discover a Miami rich in diversity. A good example is the Little Havana district. It embodies the Hispanic DNA of the city to perfection. This area will transport you to Cuba, with its colourful buildings and cigar and coffee merchants. Miami is also very Art Deco. This style is deeply rooted in the city. Ocean Drive is the perfect example. Leaving the beaches behind, this is a place that will take you back in time a few decades…
Miami is also a city that promotes respect for nature. The Everglades demonstrate this nicely. By losing yourself in this great natural park, you will discover an unspoilt environment and its protected species. This invaluable regional wealth offers alternative side to Florida’s first city.

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