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Much like Australia as a whole, Melbourne combines a great lifestyle with the ease of living in a very modern city.
Australia’s second largest city has drawn on its natural environment in order to confirm and build on its identity.

A visit to Melbourne will take you into a modern city where even the towering skyscrapers, such as the Eureka Skydeck 88, cannot overshadow the beautiful Victorian homes that characterise Melbourne.
A great city for shopping, you will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in the streets, day and night, during your trip to Melbourne. The city has been transformed in recent years into a global centre of fashion and gastronomy.
However, Melbourne’s reputation also owes much to the gentle waters of the Pacific Ocean that lap its shores. During your stay in Melbourne head to the beach at St. Kilda, where you can sunbathe - the sun is almost always shining here - or admire the dexterity of surfers from around the world, who come here for the unparalleled quality of the waves.
Beyond surfing, while on holiday in Melbourne you’ll discover a city that loves its sports in general. If rugby is not your cup of tea, the Australian Tennis Open and Grand Prix Formula 1 will surely impress you.
Melbourne’s pleasant rhythm, as well as a host of activities and things to do, have made this modern and vibrant metropolis one of the most agreeable cities in the world to live in.

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