Along the coast between Cassis and Marseilles.

Both suburban park and marine land, Calanques National Park reserves many surprises for visitors, on the hiking trails and in the town. Discover the Marseille cabins and the art of living by the seaside. Many cruises offer tours to explore the Calanques, but the outings by land are the most beautiful. On the trails, visitors will be enveloped by the smell of pine trees and can admire the white cliffs of En Veau, Sugiton or Marseilleveyre.

Here visitors can dive into clear waters and equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins and can see all the wonders of the seabed. Visitors will also get an insight into the wealth of biodiversity at the Calanques National Park. The more adventurous will dive off the rocks into the blue water, whilst, those who enjoy relaxing or picnicking will not be disappointed in any season at the Calanques National Park.

All year long :
    Every day, 24/7

chemin de Sormiou

13009 Marseille

Phone number
04 20 10 50 00

04 91 73 23 99


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