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From Sunday, March 24 2019 to Wednesday, April 3 2019

A mature Mozart.

Mozart's first "mature" opera, The Marriage of Figaro, remains a firework display of divine music and compelling narrative, even to modern audiences. It is a pleasant muddle of star-crossed lovers caught in confusing love-triangles.

The story is set just before the French Revolution - it is the account of one particular day in a château, during a time of crisis, a strange day when time passes too quickly. The opera is rich, full of verve and style, revealing undercurrents of class conflict and issues of gender and equality. The plot unfolds with acerbic wit and subtle character interplay, showing us the insanity of desire and love; the mad alchemy of infatuation and bitter resentment.

Marseille Opera House
2, rue Molière
13001 Marseille

Phone number
04 91 55 11 10


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