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From Saturday, April 1 2017 to Sunday, November 5 2017

Cowboys of the West.

Immerse yourself in OK Corral, a leisure park specially dedicated to the age of the North American Far West. Thrills galore in store on the various rides: Splash Mountain, the Black Eagle or the Grand Canyon Mountains and the Twist’n’Turn.

With your family, enjoy fun times together with the Hopi Snake, Sitting Bull’s teepee or the Mexican Twist.
Toddlers have an area just for them with the Country Kids rides. They can also try out the Little Canoe and Pony Express.

Experience a real western at the OK Corral and keep the fun going by sleeping in one of the teepees or in a Chuck Wagon.

OK Corral park
route Départementale 1
13780 Cuges Les Pins

Phone number
04 42 73 80 05

04 42 73 93 05


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