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From Wednesday, May 9 2018 to Tuesday, June 26 2018

Contemporary art in Marseille.

The "Marseille Expos" association was set up in 2007 in order to promote contemporary art in Marseilles. This event is an opportunity to discover some 20 exhibition spaces and other venues in Marseille, following the trails in the Old Port, Le Panier, Longchamp and La Plaine districts.
Over the course of 4 days, Marseille will focus on contemporary art with a full programme of openings, evening events and friendly gatherings.

In different city locations

Regional Funds of contemporary art of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
20, boulevard de Dunkerque
Quartier Euroméditerranée - Joliette
13002 Marseille

Phone number
04 91 91 27 55

04 91 90 28 50


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