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The passageways of Lyon.

Located in the district of the Old Town or Vieux-Lyon for the most part, the traboules of Lyon are a feature which is unique to Lyon. These traboules are passageways built between buildings.

In order to have as much space to use as possible, there were very few cross streets. The solution was to build traboules which allowed people to pass from one street to the next without having to make a detour.
This simple and practical solution would also be adopted later on the slopes of the Croix Rousse area.
There are many traboules to be seen in Vieux-Lyon: you will find them if you take a stroll around Place du Gouvernement, rue Saint Jean, Quai Rolland or rue de la Bombarde.

Information from the tourist office on +33 04 72 77 69 69

Traboules of Old Lyon
31, rue Saint-Jean
69005 Lyon


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