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Travel guide - Los Angeles

It’s known as the city of stars and film. Ideally located along the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles and its hectic life are what many travellers dream of. But beyond Hollywood Boulevard and the film studios, the City of Angels offers some wonderful cultural and natural places to visit.
Los Angeles is above all a movie city. And Hollywood Boulevard, the most famous road in town, is its greatest symbol. As well as museums and screening rooms, it’s where you’ll find the famous Walk of Fame. You can have fun searching for the names of your favorite actors among the more than 2,500 stars on the ground. Warner Studios and Universal Studios, open their doors for you to discover the backstage filming of movies and televisions series. Los Angeles’s history is also written through its important cultural sites. The Paul Getty Museum and its collections of modern and ancient art attract nearly 2 million visitors a year. Its gardens are also an evolving work of art. The Music Center is one of the largest theatres in the USA. Its four halls schedule in theatre performances as well as concerts and the Memorial to the 1984 Olympics invites sports fans to discover or rediscover this great event in California’s history.
To visit Los Angeles is also to discover neighbourhoods that each have their own charm. The Santa Monica district immerses you in a very exotic atmosphere. While Venice transports you to Italy, with its numerous canals and waterfront houses. To the north-west of the city, in the mountains, you can discover Griffith Park, the largest park in California. It’s the ideal place for hiking and taking time to observe the city from high in the mountains. With its villas of the stars and amusement parks, Los Angeles is quite a crazy city. The end point of Route 66, it remains the symbol of California’s spirit. And more than ever, the capital of international cinema.

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