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From Friday, March 16 2018 to Monday, June 4 2018

Creative force.

Following a powerful personal experience, the artist, Sara Bichão was taken over by an intense creative force. One day, the artist went swimming in a volcanic lake. At one point, she found herself right in the middle of the crater. The edge was nowhere to be seen. She felt disconnected from herself with the threat of becoming a tiny particle, whose story would have no impact faced with that of the dissolution of nature.
This intense emotion, felt at the centre of a crater and therefore, in a certain way, in the centre of the earth, caused a great force to spring from the artist, who triggered an emotion in herself which is shown in the title of the exhibition.

From Friday 16 March to Monday 4 June 2018 :
- From Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 to 18:00

Admission prices :
- Free

Closed on 4 April and 1 May

Museu Calouste-Gulbenkian - Modern Collection
Rua Dr. Nicolau de Bettencourt
1900 Lisbon

Phone number
00351 217 823 474


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