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Sunday, October 14 2018

A sporting challenge.

42,195 metres to cover. Such is the challenge to all those who want to take part in the Lisbon Marathon. Covering the coastal route and therefore running alongside the sea, the runners have the chance to enjoy a sporting experience while making the most of a fascinating landscape.
Those who would also like a quality sporting experience without necessarily launching themselves onto such a significant course, can opt for the half-marathon. A race for children is also planned, as well as a 6 kilometre race, ideal for families and a 4km walk, free for all. For these different races, the locations and start times vary.

On Sunday 14 October 2018 :
- Sunday from 08:00 to 14:00

Admission prices :
- Full price : 75 €
- Reduced price : 25 €

Hipodromo Manuel Passolo
Rua Visconde da Gandarinha
2754 Cascais

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