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From Saturday, March 2 2019 to Sunday, March 3 2019


Ever dreamt of snapping your fingers and making the impossible happen? Well, magicians, illusionists, conjurers, and enchanters do just this. They are creators of dreams. Their mission? To take you to a world where magic comes alive and defies reason. This world exists and bears a name: Vive la Magie international festival.
In 2019, take your place in the front row of the new production of Vive La Magie - International Festival: 7 new world-class artists offer you a breathtaking, baffling show. Illusion or reality? Enjoy over 1 hour 45 of magic performances where the rule is to be completely confused... and love it!

Information on +33 (0)3 20 54 44 50

Théâtre Sébastopol
place Sébastopol
59800 Lille

Phone number
03 20 54 44 50

03 20 39 44 76


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