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Secret garden.

The Jardin Écologique du Vieux-Lille is a 2.5 hectare site of shaded wetlands with wild vegetation just north of the city of Lille.
Initiated and maintained by the association PPJég, the garden is notable as much for its wild flora as its collections (scented plants, vernacular names, foodstuffs, etc.). Themes are explored throughout the year. The garden also offers ample opportunity to see fascinating insects, snails, crustaceans, spiders and even (false) scorpions!

Visiting this ecological garden will appeal to your senses, with curiosities like eau de Cologne mint and the tree that smells of pepper.

The garden is open:
- during the week, when the team is available (contact the association in advance on 03 20 40 21 80)
- every weekend and public holiday from 3.00 pm
On Saturdays, there are free themed tours and on Sundays, unrestricted access and heated debates over tea and biscuits

Information line: 03 20 40 21 80 or 06 16 50 88 33

The entrance to the garden is at the end of Rue du Guet, plaine de la Poterne, in Old Lille

Jardin écologique du vieux Lille
rue du Guet
59800 Lille


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