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May 2018

In May, each country celebrates its idols and passions. On 12 May, Lisbon will host the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s an opportunity for Portugal to defend and celebrate the title it won in 2017, the first in 50 years of taking part!
In Singapore, the rejoicing will be spiritual with Vesak, commemorating the birth, awakening and death of Buddha. Flower offerings and processions will liven up the streets, especially near the Phor Kark See monastery.
In Cannes, the festival steps welcome film stars in all their finery, dark glasses and haute couture. In London too, it will be all about elegance. On 19 May, the kingdom celebrates the marriage of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. No doubt the Queen will prove that, at 92 years of age, she’s lost none of her style. The team

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