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October 2018

As October nears, across the world people are preparing for a fright: Halloween is back! To celebrate the scariest festival of them all, why not head to Halloween's spiritual home, Edinburgh. All month long, the underground alleyways of Mary King's Close will thrill visitors with mysteries and crimes that unfolded centuries ago… Sticking with tradition, why not venture to Singapore, where the wonders of Asian Civilisations Museum come to life on the evening of 31st with the After Dark festival. On the programme, a ghost-themed costume contest and an activity to help you discover your most vital element: Air, Earth, Water or Fire... And if fire is your element of choice, then head to New York for Halloween, for the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze. At this electrifying event, an army of fiendish pumpkins make for a terrifying sight - though some may be smiling, prepare to feel decidedly uneasy… The team

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