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February 2018

If you want to extend new year’s festivities a little longer, all you need to do is travel! On 16 February, Beijing celebrates Chinese new year with lantern processions, Chinese dragons and impressive fireworks. On the same day, Vietnam celebrates its own new year, known as Tet, (short for T?t Nguyên Ðán),“the first morning of the first day”. It signifies the arrival of spring. A real celebration of nature, you’ll find the markets overflowing with bright colours and fresh flowers. The most commonly found flowers are apricot blossoms, which symbolise serenity, and peach blossoms, which are said to bring luck. On the other side of the globe, Rio de Janiero is also getting ready to burst into a fabulous array of colours. From 9 to 14 February, the whole city shakes its tail feathers to the rhythm of the fabulous Rio Carnival, the most famous carnival in the world. Next, head to the summer south of France, where Nice gets into the carnival spirit. This year the Nice Carnival’s theme is space - it’s sure to be a stellar event! The team

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