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May 2019

In May, the whole planet rolls out the red carpet for movie stars and celebrities. The festivities begin with the film industry’s most prestigious event: the Cannes Film Festival. From the 14th to the 25th of May, directors from around the world gather in the sunny French Riviera to vie for the ‘Palme d’Or’, the festival’s highest prize.
More focused on nature than people, the Seoul Eco Film Festival highlights films dedicated to environmental topics. The competition, which takes place from the 23rd to the 29th of May, strives to highlight the work of filmmakers whilst increasing ecological awareness.
The Montreal Underground Film Festival also aims to open people’s minds. Far from the usual large studio productions, this film festival only presents low-budget films, with a preference for experimental works. Instead of reporters snapping photos of celebs, here you will find courage, fresh new ideas and unique images. In short, Cinema!
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