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Hong Kong is like no other city in the world. Half English, half Chinese, the former British concession is a megalopolis where millions of people share a tiny piece of land. Cosmopolitan and intoxicating, behind its high glass towers, Hong Kong hides a land of adventures.

The opium days may be long gone, yet a stay in Hong Kong will come with many captivating surprises. The "Fragrant Harbour" (that’s its nickname), despite its City of London feel, is a world apart. There is nothing left of the small fishing port acquired in 1842 by the English. Today, Hong Kong is one of the most influential cities in the world.

The panorama from Victoria Peak, the highest point of the island, emphasises the beauty of Hong Kong, which despite intense urbanisation has managed to preserve some protected areas. You can’t visit Hong Kong without trying out the famous ferries that connect every corner of the island.

Once back on land, you will have to look up to admire the perfection of the Wan Chai district skyscrapers, one of the busiest and most happening neighbourhoods on the island.

Hong Kong is not only a financial centre, it is also a major cultural hub. For many, visiting Hong Kong is also about discovering one of the strongholds of Asian cinema. Just like Los Angeles it has its own avenue of stars, where the names of famous figures of action cinema are inscribed, such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Eastern and the Western cultures are inseparable, as you will discover on a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History, which retraces the history of the city’s foundation. Amongst the skyscrapers, you’ll be blown away during your stay in Hong Kong by the tumultuous Temple Street Night Market and the Ladies Market.

For a picturesque trip to Hong Kong, you should visit the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island and pay homage to the giant Buddha at the Precious Lotus Zen Temple.

A veritable cultural crossroads, Hong Kong is a city like no other, a fantastic anomaly that fascinates both visitors and residents.

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