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From Thursday, October 25 2018 to Sunday, January 27 2019

See you in the afterlife.

Summer 2018 comes to an end with an exhibition event devoted to ancient Egypt, organised with the Louvre Museum. An archaeological dive back into the mighty city of Thebes.
Based on the Grenoble collections, supplemented by 200 works from the Louvre Museum and others loaned by European museums such as the British Museum, the exhibition offers an approach to Theban society during the Third Intermediate Period (1069-664 BC), around the temple of Karnak, the main place of worship of the god Amon. The importance of this temple made Thebes a major political and economic centre as well as an important religious hub of ancient Egypt. The exhibition focuses on the role of women at this time. An unprecedented subject for the general public, specially designed for Grenoble.

From Thursday 25 October 2018 to Sunday 27 January 2019 :
- Tuesday from 10:00 to 18:30

Admission prices :
- Full price : 8 €
- Reduced price : 5 €
- Up to 25 years : Free
- Unemployed : Free

Museum of Grenoble
5, place Lavalette
38100 Grenoble

Phone number
04 76 63 44 44


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