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With skyscrapers and tower blocks as far as the eye can see, buildings which defy the limits of imagination and technical ability, Dubai is the new golden land of the East. Dubai has pulled out all the stops in order to become a major global tourist destination, thanks to its gigantic and awe-inspiring development projects.|

Welcome to the summit of the Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest structure in the world, after the giant sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel. Skyscrapers seem to grow like mushrooms in Dubai. Take the elevator, or would you prefer to take the stairs? That is what the competitors of the Vertical Marathon choose to do!

Visit Dubai with friends and relax on the beaches during the Dubai Summer Surprises event. The relaxed vibe continues with the Chill Out Festival and its electro beats, or you can jazz it up with the Dubai Jazz Festival.

Intrigued by the true essence of Dubai? Stop off at the Taste of Dubai festival or at the Dubai International Film Festival which reveals the new stars of the Middle East. And to return to the city's origins, pay a visit to the palace of Sheikh Saeed's palace..

Feel like some retail therapy? Nowhere does it better than the Dubai Mall and its luxury boutiques. Experience the full effect at the Dubai Shopping Festival or the International Jewellery Show. And if all that shopping has tired you out, recover with the Beauty World Middle East & Wellness & Spa Exhibitions.

Before leaving, admire the pureblood Arab horses at the Dubai World Cup or the Dubaï international Arabian Horse Championship. Dubai is the city of entertainment par excellence!

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