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From Tuesday, June 5 2018 to Saturday, June 9 2018

An exceptional setting welcomes the biggest squash competition in the world.

Be prepared to see sport like you have never seen it before. In Dubai, the squash players are joining the artists. In 2018, for the second year running, the World Series Squash finals will be played at the opera!

On the stage which is normally home to tenors and ballerinas, a giant transparent cube has been installed for the occasion. Organised at the end of the season, this Masters will bring together the best eight male and female players on the planet.
In addition to the glory, the victor will be able to win the modest sum of $16,000. A bargain compared to the player's honour in such a prestigious setting, being celebrated by an enthusiastic audience.

Times to be confirmed
More information on the official PSA World Tour and Dubai Opera website

Opéra de Dubaï
Downtown Dubaï
337-1500 Dubai

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