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From Friday, December 7 2018 to Friday, December 14 2018

Lights, camera, action…

The Dubai International Film Festival, the largest event of its kind in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, is again spotlighting the importance of Arab films and filmmakers.
Since 2004, the festival has brought together actors and directors from across the world around outstanding short, feature and documentary films. With the slogan "Bridging Cultures. Meeting Minds", it aims to promote the Arab culture’s contribution to and participation in the international film industry with red carpet premieres, awards and family-friendly screenings.

From Friday 7 to Friday 14 December 2018 :
- Every day, from 10:00 to 18:00

Al Fahidi Fort - Dubai Museum
58th Street
337-1500 Dubai

Phone number
00 971 04 3531862


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